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Elks Drug Awareness

Posted September 19, 2016
MV Elks Honored with Photo in Smithsonian Institution

The Mission Viejo Saddleback Valley Elks 2444 are honored to have the attached photo on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. The photo was taken by then Esquire. Mike Klinger, at the Red Week Drug Awareness event. Drug Awareness Chairman and Lodge Chaplain, Dave Tucker, was joined by (left to right) Natalie Congio (13), Kendall Perry (13), Elizabeth Jezek (13) and Allison Mays (12)

The following is a letter received by Andy Costello, Area 7 Public Relations Committeeman from the publisher of the Elks Magazine.

September 16, 2016

Dear Mr. Costello,

Through the years, you have sent many submissions to The Elks Magazine and have ensured that Mission Viejo-Saddleback Lodge has had good coverage of its many charitable activities. Now, your efforts will be seen on a “bully pulpit” offered to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks by the Smithsonian Institution. In this exhibit, the BPO Elks story can be told and the charitable efforts showcased.

The image that you sent us from the “Walk against Drugs,” which appeared in the February 2016 issue of The Elks Magazine, was selected to be included in the digital exhibit “America’s Mailing Industry—Powered by the United States Postal Service” in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum.

The history and significance of the Order will be part of an interactive rotating exhibit at the National Postal Museum and will be on their website. Additionally, this will be tied into the Smithsonian magazine.

Who will see this? We can’t say at this point, but there were 28.2 million visitors to the Smithsonian last year, and in today’s world, a percentage of them probably check out the website before visiting. This is a powerful platform on which to be seen and can only help to build an increased awareness of the BPO Elks and its benefits to the country. Certainly, all Elks can be proud that the Order is featured at the Smithsonian Institution.

To see this, you may visit the BPO Elks website today and click to the magazine. There will be broader coverage later and a user friendly way to navigate the Smithsonian website, but here’s a direct link now:…/BPO-Elks.html

The digital exhibit was officially launched on September 13, and you may access this on their website.
Congratulations on being part of this unique program, and best wishes for all that you are doing.


Anna L. Idol
The Elks Magazine

Posted October 21, 2014

Volunteer Members of Mission Viejo/Saddleback Valley Elks Lodge #2444 handed out drug awareness pamphlets to over 500 parents and youth who participated in the City of Mission Viejo's 26th Annual Walk Against Drugs. The Elks volunteers also distributed Elks Red Ribbons, American Flags, coloring books, book markers and pamphlets "About Our Flag". Elk volunteers at the booth administered a True/False Drug Quiz to attendees who received a chance to win in a drawing for five (5) $25 Gift Cards from the Big Five Sporting Goods Retailer. PER Gloria R. LeCouvre, Drug Awareness Chairperson said, "The Elks are proud to support parents and our communities as we all encourage youth to lead a healthy lifestyle and say no to drugs. The Mission Viejo/Saddleback Valley Elks Lodge #2444 is celebrating 45 years of service to Saddleback Valley Communities. It is one of 10 lodges in the Orange Coast District of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE) whose headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. The BPOE is a charitable organization with a 145 year history of giving. "Elks Care Elks Share"
Gloria R. LeCouvre,PER
Drug Awareness Chairman

(above) Drug Awareness Red Ribbon attendees rear: Teri & John Perea, children Alex 13, Elias 11, Franky 11, George Perea 10, ER Derek Randles, and Gloria R. LeCouvre, Drug Awareness Chairman

(below) Elks volunteers: Lodge Chaplain Kevin Hughes, Event Chairperson PER Gloria R. LeCouvre, PER Charlie Hart, and Exalted Ruler Derek Randles

Posted September 25, 2014


Elks to send 200,000 Post Cards to President Obama to uphold our Nation’s Drug Laws  

The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America has the largest all-volunteer drug awareness program in the country. For more than 31 years, the Elks have been providing educational materials to children, parents and schools at no cost.

Each year in October, the Elks honor the memory of slain DEA Special Agent Enrique S. Camerena with a Red Ribbon Campaign. Special Agent Camerena was kidnapped, tortured and killed because he was successfully investigating one of the largest drug trafficking organizations in Mexico.

The Elks Drug Awareness Program has launched a national campaign to ask our leaders in Washington, D.C. to uphold our nation’s drug laws and to remind everyone, especially our youth, of the dangers of using any illicit drug.

The Elks are asking for President Obama’s help to send a message that drugs are dangerous; that drug use leads to drug addiction; and that a hopeful future is one free of addiction.  

Our goal is to have 200,000 Red Ribbon Week posts cards in the mail by October 15, 2014.  

To learn more visit