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Posted December 21, 2014

July 25, 2014

2014 Palm Springs Convention Major Project Statistics
Posted May 29, 2014

THANK YOU!!  $3,234,413.53!  I want to thank the members of the California-Hawaii Elks Association for their generous donations this past year.  You are the Best People on Earth!

Here are some of the statistics from the Convention:
The Five Highest Lodges (per-capita):
1. Sunnyvale Elks Lodge No. 2128                          $89.91
2. Big Bear Lake Elks Lodge No. 1787                     $88.66
3. Glendale Elks Lodge No. 1289                            $77.52
4. Fremont Elks Lodge No. 2121                             $71.90
5. Gardena Elks Lodge No. 1919                             $65.62

The Five Highest Lodges (dollars):

1. Honolulu Elks Lodge No. 616                       $122,397.07
2. San Pedro Elks Lodge No. 966                       $47,554.75
3. Santa Ana Elks Lodge No. 794                       $40,525.50
4. Glendale Elks Lodge No. 1289                        $40,001.00
5. Santa Maria Elks Lodge No. 1538                   $37,968.75

The Five Highest Districts (dollars):

1. Orange Coast District                                  $240,045.60
2. West Central Coast District                          $198,986.50
3. Southeast District                                       $161,716.69
4. West Central District                                   $152,614.89
5. Hawaii District                                            $142,534.54

In addition to the above donations, the Piggy Bank received $633,050.00 from the Elks National Foundation; $257,922.71 from the Peters and Potters Trusts and 443,433.90 from various other miscellaneous sources for a total of $934,406.61 from those donors.

Winners of the Chairman’s Challenge were Cherylle Waters of the North District and Judy Sutton of the South Central Coast District.  The winners of the Leading Knight’s Challenge:  Best District, West Central Coast with $27,827.72 in donations and Best Lodge, the Santa Maria Elks Lodge No. 1538 with $8,873.13 in challenge donations.

The Downey, Chula Vista, Fremont, Walnut Creek, Porterville, San Clemente, Santa Cruz, Thousand Oaks, San Luis Obispo, Oceano/Five Cities, Santa Barbara, Sunnyvale, Oxnard and many other Lodges all made significant donations.  The total funds raised in the Leading Knights Challenge exceeded $47,000.00.  I want to thank all of the participating Lodges for stepping up to the challenge.

Bob Farrens, CHEA Piggy Bank Chairman

CHEA Convention,