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Events > 2014 Events > 4th of July Parade & BBQ

4th of July Parade and BBQ Fun!

By Greg Morgan, Lecturing Knight
4th of July Parade photos from Lake Forest by Mike Marquis and Elks Lodge BBQ photos by Mike Klinger.

One of the responsibilities under the chair of the Lecturing Knight is to organize the Elk members for the Lake Forest Parade and to oversee the BBQ back at the Lodge. The Parade consisted of our honored sponsored Boy Scout Troop #603 leading our group with the Elk Banner. Following the troops was "Big John II" the Fire Safety Educational Fire Engine, driven by our very own past State Vice President Harvey Boelts. Riding shotgun on the Fire truck was our Exalted Ruler, Derek Randles, along with some enthusiastic members on top of the truck waving to the crowd. A flatbed also provided members a chance to be in the parade. Convertible cars driven by members escorted Veterans through the parade route. A big thanks to Stephanie Bongartz for ordering the shirts for the parade participants, and thanks to Mike Marquis, Mike Klinger and Andy Costello for doing photos and publicity.

The after-parade Lodge backyard BBQ was a success. Russ and Louie smoked a whole pig for the crowd of over 200.Mike Fenton was our fry master that made those delicious fries, rings and corn-dogs. Bill Bongartz roasted all the corn. Betty Boelts made the wonderful hot links and deviled eggs. Baked beans were provided and cooked by Lorene Tierney. Howard served the ice cream, and wonderful Dianna served as our cashier for the day. Thanks also to you members for the added side dishes & desserts. Thank you Pam for all the work you do as kitchen manager and for ordering the food for this event. Vicky Long, a new member, noticed that we could use some help in the kitchen and without anyone asking her, she sacrificed her holiday to serve the members and made one of the potato salads. Without her help, we would have fallen behind.

A truly special thanks goes out to Kevin Lindley. He was there early to prep for the day, cooked a lot of the food, served the food, and stuck around to do dishes. Clean-up crew is not a glamorous volunteer position, and after 7 hours in a kitchen, who really wants to do dishes? Well, our past State Vice President Harvey Boelts stepped in to help Kevin Lindley with the dishes (I think every utensil was used) and then proceeded to break down the portable bar. Thank you so much Harvey and Kevin. I would also like to thank our Bar Staff. Shirley, who volunteers her time to shuttle members to the parade and has been doing this for over 12 years. Bonny and Suzanne our veteran bartenders had a record day inside at the bar and did a fabulous job. Out on the portable bar, Lavon took great care of our thirsty members. Our new rookie bartender, Raquel, poured the beer specials throughout the day. Thank you bar staff.

A huge shout-out goes to Ray Mallen and his House Committee team. The backyard was decorated to perfection. It certainly takes a villa    to put on an event. It was under my chair, but without all the incredible help this event could not happen. God Bless