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Fathers Day Patio BBQ 2018

Fathers Day BBQ Sell-Out Crowd!
Thank you so very much to EVERYONE who volunteered and helped us out today! With your assistance, the Father’s Day BBQ was EXTREMELY successful! Thank you Vicki Long for coming in at 6AM to open the lodge and the kitchen for us! Kevin Lindley and Greg Morgan - our fantastic chefs who started prepping yesterday, and were in at 6AM this morning to cook - the food was FABULOUS!  Thanks so much for all of your hard work! High Five to Basia Bills and Dave McLeod for bringing in the table centerpieces! Thank you Pam Mackey for your wonderful homemade potato salad - rave reviews! Sandie McClure - Thank you for adding the wonderful Western decorations to our event! Scott Klinger, Lane, Kelly and Amy Keran, Jim Humphrey, Jack Jacobs, Sven and Cookie Akesson, Gary Beadle, Rick Capotosta, Chuck and Jeannie Chapman, Bob and  Lisa Hart, Dave and Cheryl Tucker, Jerrie Muir, Tom and Liz Marquez, and numerous folks that, provided the muscle to set up the patio tables and chairs and provide the shade by erecting the Easy-Ups (which are not really “easy”).  Thank you to all of you for providing everyone with a comfy place to sit all day! Special thanks to Barbara King, who not only assisted with set up but then stayed all day as our Cashier. Thank you Cindy McCullough and Lisa Hart for spending time out front to greet our guests! Rick Capotosta worked wherever we needed him - and we appreciated every pot and pan he washed!  Thank you so much! Julie Thomas - (there is a special place in heaven for you!) - volunteered to play games with the kids - God bless you for your patience! Our fantastic servers; Cookie Akesson, Marsha Berman, Ria Capotosta, Linda Cimmarusti, Cheryl Tucker - you gals ROCKED!!  Thanks for your hard work getting everyone their food! A HUGE THANKS to our clean-up, take-down crew; our Exalted Ruler, Mike Klinger and his First Lady Judy, Lane and Kelly Keran, Larry and Marsha Berman, Dave and Cheryl Tucker, Scott Klinger, Gail Patti, Sandie McClure and the numerous folks that I don’t have names for who pitched in and helped clear tables, stack chairs, pack up those  Eazy-Ups, and leave our patio looking as clean as the day it was built! And a round of applause to Andy Costello who wrangled a great deal and provided us with a FANTASTIC band for entertainment! If I’ve forgotten anyone, please forgive me. It was only done out of sheer exhaustion. As I reflect on today’s event, it really brings me back to why I joined the Elks -  to be a part of a group of wonderful, caring folks who are there for each other!  Thank you again so very, very much!

Steve and Barbara