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Elk of the Month

June 2017

May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

Congratulations to the March Elk Of the Month, Anthony “AJ” Pompos.  Although he has only been a member for four short months, AJ has already made a huge impact in our lodge.  AJ was born in Toledo, Ohio and joined the Marines in December of 1993.  Since that time he has served at every rank in the infantry as well as a drill sergeant and recruiter, and is still serving as the Sergeant Major of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. He has been deployed nine times, including twice to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. While stationed in Washington he met his wife, Michelle, and they were married in 1996 and then had their son, Tysen, in 2000 while stationed in Jacksonville North Carolina.

Once he was initiated to our lodge AJ was as dedicated to Elkdom as he has been to his military career.  Many of our members might recognize him as the biker from the Macho Men in our recent murder mystery.  However, AJ also donates his time to help Bingo on Wednesdays, helped with Wreaths Across America, assisted the recent trap shooting function at Camp Pendleton, he regularly attends meetings and is always willing to help where needed.  After a recent event, he held at the lodge AJ donated the proceeds to the lodge general fund, purple pig, ENF and boy scouts.  Next time you see AJ at the lodge be sure to thank him for all that he has done and will do for both our lodge and county.

February 2017



January 2017

December 2016

November 2016

October 2016

Congratulations to October’s very deserving Elk of the Month – Harvey Ohman!  Throughout Harvey’s membership he has contributed well above and beyond what is expected of a member.   Harvey has been not been a stranger to service; whether it be his country, his lodge or his community that calls.

Harvey married his beautiful wife Pat in 1964 and just 3 months after his first son was born he answered the call to serve his nation in Vietnam as a Staff Sargent in the army.  When he came home he was blessed with another son.  As his sons grew his community needed a voice for the Mission Viejo High School football team, and as he does Harvey answered the call 34 years ago to become the “Voice of the Diablos”.  It has been this service that earned Harvey the citizen of the month award in May 2016 in the city of Mission Viejo.

When Harvey became an Elk 23 years ago he made the same commitment he had his whole life and began to serve.  Harvey is always there to volunteer when help is needed, be it in the kitchen or any event.  He was a member of the house committee for 4 ½ year and chairman of the Rose Bowl party fundraiser for 7 years.  Harvey has currently served as membership and investigation committee for the past 3 years, as well as our current bar manager.  Next time that you see Harvey give him a pat and thank him for all of his services, he is more than deserving of that and the honor of being Elk on the Month!

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016



June 2016

Tim Stetson
Congratulations to Tim Stetson as June Elk of the Month!  As you may know, Tim is the leader of the rock band, Roll The Dice, and a seven-year member of our Lodge.  Tim's band has donated his band's services for several events at our Lodge at no charge.  Their most performance at our Lodge was at our Chili Cook-off in April. Tim's generosity allowed us to have live music at a time when our event budgets could not afford $250 for a band. Thanks Tim and congratulations on your recognition as Elk of the Month at Mission Viejo-Saddleback Valley Elks Lodge #2444.


May 2016

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews, is our "Sickness & Distress" chairman. She works quietly behind the scenes visiting our members in hospitals, sending out "Get Well" cards and arranging for flowers to be sent. In many instances she delivers the flowers personally and does an excellent job of bringing greetings and cheer to our members who are in need. Kathy's thorough reports at the weekly Lodge meetings and in our newsletter keep us all up-to-date on the wellness of our members. With Elks, "The health & wellness of our members is always in order." Thank you Kathy for all you do for our members and our Lodge.

April 2016

Katy Link

Katy dutifully serves as greeter practically every Friday night. She goes beyond simply greeting people as she carefully checks cards and has been credited for collecting many on the spot dues renewals as she guards the front door. Katy also is responsible for sending out the monthly Email bulletins and the many Email News Blasts we receive. Katy sets the perfect example of a member quietly but diligently doing a great job of serving Elkdom. Be sure to say thanks to Katy next time you visit the Lodge on a Friday night.


March 2016

Julie Thomas

Congratulations to Julie Thomas, our March Elk of the Month.  Julie (14 year member) is an active member that has volunteered for just about everything at the Lodge. She is currently on both Sunday breakfast crews as well as 2nd Friday dinner crew. From dressing up as a super hero for children’s charitable events, to filling in where she is needed on Lodge Holiday events, Julie can always be counted on. Last year Julie was our Lodge Esquire, a challenging officer position that she excelled at.  Please take the time to thank Julie for her outstanding service.

February 2016

Laura Lumley

Please welcome our February Elk of the Month, Laura Lumley.  Laura is one of our "fixed stars", an ever present and often under appreciated volunteer in our Lodge.  Laura routinely works the kitchen crews on second Friday Night crew, for Bingo and for many special events, including, but not limited to, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Rose Bowl Potluck.  Laura is a regular Energizer Bunny, always cooking, decorating, cleaning, and helping all of us when we need that special volunteer with lots of duties and responsibilities.  Laura's strong sense of community service is evident in everything she does.  Laura is a 10 year member of our Lodge, a member and past President of the Elks Ladies, a regular attendee at our Tuesday night Lodge meetings, and a frequent star vocalist on the Karaoke circuit.  Thank you Laura for your untiring spirit and service to our Elks Lodge members and our community.  Congratulations on you receiving this important honor once again.

January 2016
Sheryl Pierce

Please welcome our January Elk of the Month, Sheryl Pierce. Sheryl joined our Lodge in September 2014.  Since joining our Lodge, Sheryl has joined the ranks of the many important volunteers that work frequently in our kitchen.  In addition to cooking and serving food to our members, Sheryl has achieved the very special skill-set of providing great customer service while taking food orders and working with our difficult cash register system.  Sheryl can be found at our lodge on most Friday evenings and at many special events.  Sheryl always has a smile and kind word for our members as she receives your food orders or delivers them to your table.  Volunteers like Sheryl put a smile on every the face of every member.  Thank you Sheryl for everything you do for our Elks Lodge and congratulations on your receiving this important honor.

December 2015

Herb Kalklosch

Please welcome our December Elk of the Month, Herb Kalklosch.  Herb has been a rock steady volunteer and member of the 1st Friday Kitchen Crew for the last 8 years.  Herb joined the Elks in 2007 after many years of friendship with Scholarship Committee Chairman, John Dellos, his Elk Sponsor.  Herb has stepped up on many occasions volunteering for the Lady Elks' events, Officer Installation dinners and many other special events.  Herb is a fine gentleman that prefers to remain out of the spotlight but our Lodge would not be the same without Herb's contributions.  Thank you Herb for being a shining example of Elkdom!


November 2015

Dennis Keffer

Dennis joined the Mission Viejo Elks in 1988.

Dennis was Exalted Ruler in 1999- 2000 after serving all the chairs. Dennis also was Esquire for more than one Exalted Ruler. Dennis has also been the master of ceremonies for most of the Police and Fire awards nights. The main reason for the elk of the month is Dennis has worked bingo as a caller for more than 12 years. Thank you Dennis for all that you have done for the elks and Elks Charity Bingo.

October 2015
Les Stipek

Congratulations to Les Stipek. He is our October Elk of the Month. Les was initiated into the B.P.O.E. May of 2014. Even before he was initiated, Les was volunteering for Bingo. Les and his Wife Maggie (also a member) have an 8 year old granddaughter with special needs. This was their motivation to get involved in charity. With Sandy Bergen ready to retire from her numerous years running a very successful Sock Hop and Christmas party for the special needs, Les and Maggie stepped up to fill this role. Adding to the established events, Les put on a carnival for the younger (1
st and 2nd grades) special needs children. Les will also be assisting on the Best Buddy Program. This program is for High School special needs. Bingo has sponsored two events, spring dance and Christmas party for the Best Buddies. When Les stood up on initiation and said he wanted to give back to the community, he truly has lived up to his word. Les is first to admit that he couldn’t have done all this, without the help of his wife, Maggie. Because of Les (and Maggie) we are now up to 4 events for the special needs children. I’m fairly certain that Les will share this award with his wife. God Bless you Les and Maggie for all you do in the name of Elkdom.

September 2015
John Roeser

This month’s Elk of the Month is John Roeser. John joined the Elks Lodge #2444 four years ago and began giving his time and talents to our membership by working in the kitchen. For the last four years, John has been a rock solid contributor on the 4th Friday Dinner Kitchen Crew. When he is not traveling, John works with the 2nd Sunday Breakfast Crew. John worked the kitchen for this year’s Lodge #2444 Inaugural Ball. John is a humble Elk highly recommended by his crew-mates, Ben Blair and Eddie Griffin, as an Elk worthy of recognition by our Order for his continued contributions. Thank you John.

August 2015
Frank Scarpine

Frank is a 7-year member and works most every week on Wednesday Bingo crew. When the men’s restroom needed an overhaul, Frank was the first to volunteer to offer and complete the job. He repaired the portable bar without anyone even asking. Since 2009 he has always been there for us quietly doing one thing or the other for the Lodge.  This year Frank put on a very successful Kentucky Derby event and I have been hearing rumors that he will he running for an open Trustee position. Frank you are a great asset to our Lodge and we thank you for all that you do.

July 2015

Mark Shelton
Our Elk of the Month for July is Mark Shelton. Mark is a fairly new member; he works on a dinner crew every month and is the one volunteer to cook at special functions. Mark prepared the dinner for the Inaugural Ball and if you were there you know what an amazing meal he prepared for everyone. Mark also video recorded the Ladies Fashion Show, He is a quiet hard working Elk. Mark we thank you for all that you do.

June 2015
Mike Marquis
Mike is a twenty-five year member. He has been one of our photographers for the past two years. Mike attends all events and functions just to get that perfect shot. He is quiet and happy go lucky member who always has a smile on his face for you. Mike also donated a high-end flat screen TV to the social lounge, which he could have sold online no problem. These are traits of a great Elk. Mike we thank you for all that you do.

May 2015
Rob Gallagher

Congratulations to Rob Gallagher, our May Elk of the Month. A two-year member, Rob is a member of the audit committee. That committee is in charge of discussing fiscal responsibility, audit event financials, work on programs to simplify operations of the lodge, and always trying to save money for the lodge. Rob has also donated his time and equipment to the lounge this past two years.  He has donated bar mats, condiment trays, wine glass rack and dozens of pint glasses. Rob has also contributed his time for Thursday burger night. We are fortunate to have Rob as a member. Congratulations Rob, thanks for doing what you do.

April 2015
Dennis Boelts

Our Elk of the Month for April is Dennis Boelts. He is a twelve-year member and has never been chosen as Elk of the Month. Dennis has been our substitute Chaplain and he works at the Wednesday Bingo. Whenever a Kitchen Crew needs a replacement, Dennis is their first choice. Dennis has put together fabulous meals for many events and just recently volunteered for our Police and Firemen Appreciation Dinner. He stays late and does clean-up in the kitchen when everyone else has long gone home. We applaud your dedication Dennis. Thank you for all your work. We appreciate you.

March 2015
Charles "Charlie" Hart
Charlie has been an Elk for 17 years, served as Exalted Ruler in 2002-2003, is a former Lodge Secretary, and a true "Southern (Texas) Gentleman".  He is a member who helps the Lodge wherever possible.  Charlie is at the Lodge daily. His volunteer effort never stops. He has taken upon himself to assist the members responsible for Membership, Interviewing candidates, Orientation, and Initiation.  Charlie makes up the Membership Application envelopes, provides the interview forms, puts together all the material, including the plastic Purple Pigs handed out at Orientation, and insures there are enough Elk pins and American Flags for every new member. When the Office is notified of a member who has died, Charlie will call the family to see if they would like an Elk Memorial Service. Then makes all the arrangements and will even perform the service. He attends most every meeting and will substitute for absent Officers. Charlie works Bingo every Wednesday.  He posts all the event flyers around the Lodge to help insure a good turnout for the events. Charlie is one of our great unknown assets. He personifies the term "A Great Elk", and if cut, he bleeds Purple!  Thus, we have named him Elk of the Month for March.

February 2015
Paul Ciaramitaro

Paul, a 2-year member, was asked to work in the kitchen one Wednesday to cover a crew person that was not able to work. This one night has turned into almost every Wednesday night. Paul has also worked on special events and other kitchen events. Paul is a retired Firefighter and uses his experience to help the lodge. Along with working in the kitchen Paul as asked to be on the House Committee. Paul’s last assignment as a Los Angeles City Firefighter was on the fire boat as an engineer and drive of the boat. Paul is a great Elk working hard for the good of the lodge. Thank you Paul.

January 2015
Kevin Lindley

From donating equipment to the lodge, working in the kitchen on weekends and holidays, to rebuilding the horseshoe pits (with help); our choice for Elk of the Month is Kevin Lindley. Kevin, a four year member, was our assistant Lodge Esquire last year, and although he now spends his week days flying to different states across our nation for business, he still volunteers on the weekends and holidays. He has been the cook for such events as Mother’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Oktoberfest, Senior Dance, 4th Sunday Breakfast, German Night, Thursday Burger & Brats Pub Night and the occasional Bingo kitchen crew. 

He also volunteered for our charitable functions such as the Carnival at the House of Hope, Special Kids Sock Hop and Cancer Kids Carnival. Kevin donated the automatic coffee maker in the bar and the hot and cold water cooler in the main lodge.  Not into self-promotion, you will never hear Kevin complain nor brag about how much he does. He is the one that sticks around to the end of the event and makes sure all the dishes are done or chairs put away. He is typically the last person to leave. We all hear about wanting to give back by so many new members, but when confronted, the main excuse is “I’m a little busy this month, maybe in the future”. There are no excuses for this member. Kevin has a family and business, but still finds time to give back on the weekends. Kevin is a great Elk and sometimes the work he does seems to be in the background, this does not mean it goes unnoticed. A long overdue Elk of the Month award in our opinion. Congratulations to the January Elk of the Month, Kevin Lindley. Thank you Kevin!

December 2014
Barbara King
Barbara King is a 5 year member of our Lodge, she has dedicated her time volunteering around the Lodge in several capacities: she is a smiling Greeter for all of our Sunday breakfasts, works on Bingo Wednesdays every week, she is part of the very successful Joker's Wild game team that is played every Friday night during dinner, her enthusiasm and willingness to help makes her worthy of Elk of the Month. She is always ready to help in other lodge events, selling tickets, decorating, setting up for events etc. If you see her around the Lodge, congratulate her and thank her for all the good that she does, let her know that we appreciate her contributions to our Lodge.

November 2014
Mike Klinger

New Elk member Mike Klinger joined the Lodge in May of this year. He said he would try to do what he could do to participate in the good work of the lodge. What Mike could do turned out to be an awesome job of publishing and managing the new MV Lodge Website. Mike jumped in with both feet and produced one of finest Elks’ Lodge Websites in the entire state. If you have not visited the site, please do so, and you will be in for a nice surprise. Mike has done his homework. He attends meetings and Lodge events and has researched and published everything you ever wanted to know about our lodge; its history, its charitable efforts, its present and future events. He has included links to District, CHEA and Grand Lodge websites as well. The website contains a wealth of worthwhile information and it can be all viewed at Mike is also one of the excellent lodge photographers and many of his photos have already been published in many of the recent Elks articles. When asked, Mike says “ I just try to contribute by doing the things I know I am capable of doing and I enjoy it”. The Knights of our Lodge are proud to bestow the honor of Elk of the Month to a new Elk, a true Elk Mike Klinger.  

October 2014
Vicky Long

Vicky joined the lodge back in November 2013 when I was the Esquire. Before initiation, the Esquire will give some instructions to the newly elected members. One word of advice that I gave is, don’t stretch yourself too thin and volunteer for everything. Apparently Vicky wasn’t paying attention when I said that. She is on the House Committee, Wednesday Bingo, 2nd Friday  night dinner and helps out on Thursday dinners, sacrificed her 4th of July with dinner and she ran on of the most successful 5th Friday night dinners of the year. She volunteers for all of the charity events without even being asked to help. She is a great person and puts in so much of her free time to better the lodge. We are lucky to have her as an Elk. Thank you Vicky for all you do. 

September 2014
Harvey Boelts

Our Elk of the Month is long overdue for this award. Harvey Boelts is a fifteen year member. Harvey joined in the year 2000 and jumped into action. Starting  as  Chaplain, then  moving  on  to Loyal Knight, Leading Knight, and Exalted Ruler in the year 2005. Not done yet, Harvey became a Trustee for five years while moving into the District positions. Harvey has served as Scholarship Chairman, Esquire, State Vice President, and currently is Americanism Chairman for the Orange Coast District. In 2012-2013 Harvey served again as Exalted Ruler.

For the past few years Harvey has run our Bingo program at the same time heading up the Police and Firemen Awards Banquet and working a Monday Night Dinner. Most of Harvey's time as an Elk he was ineligible for Elk of the Month because he was an Officer. We want to thank you Harvey Boelts for all that you do.

August 2014
Ray Mallen

It is almost too easy to overlook this well-deserving member for Elk of the Month. Ray Mallen’s constant presence at our lodge has us taking him for granted. So it's time to make it right and recognize him for all his positive contributions.

During the year 2010-2011 he served as our lecturing Knight; he did such a great job that  he was  honored  with  the  Officer  of the Year award. He contributed to the creation of new events and programs at our lodge that have been very successful, such as: the Greeter Program, the Fourth of July Parade, and the St. Patrick's Day Party.

Ray has been our House Committee Chairman for the last 3 years. This committee consists of members who have been Elk of the Month recipients, which in part, explains why we have a good House Committee. They run things smoothly, no matter what changes are implemented , they run a tight ship.

Lately, along with the House Committee Vice-Chairman, he has been running the Joker's Wild game on Friday Nights, which has made our Friday Night fundraising exciting and well-attended; increasing our dinner and bar sales in the process.

Over the years, he has  done a lot for our lodge, he deserves overdue recognition as Elk of the Month, so the next time you see Ray at the Lodge, please congratulate him and let him know that we appreciate everything that he has done for our Lodge.

July 2014
Mike Fenton
The Elk of the Month was a volunteer 6 months prior to becoming a member. He worked with PER Pat Martino's Kitchen Crew on Monday nights. We are pleased to announce that our Elk of the Month is Mike Fenton. Mike is a Mission Viejo High School graduate. He currently is on 3 kitchen crews and helps out as barback. Thank you Mike for all you do.


une 2014
Dave (Lucky) Snickey
Our Elk of the Month for June is a twenty-two year member. Dave works on the first Sunday breakfast every month. He also volunteers his time at the Wednesday night Bingo. Dave has promoted the National Veterans Service Commission Programs throughout our community by bringing back donations from local merchants. He is a shining star in our lodge, showing Elks care - Elks share. Our lodge and our veterans thank Dave for the great job he does.

May 2014
Brenda Rehnke
Our Elk of the Month for May has been a member for only one short year. Brenda Rehnke came to one function and was hooked. Within a week she filled out an application and happily initiated the following month. She is a volunteer in the office as many times a month as she is needed, has helped with the Jokers Wild Game every Friday night since it started at our lodge and volunteers as a Greeter on Sunday morning breakfast. Last year, she loved being in the 4th of July parade and will probably be there again this year too. This was also her first year to model in the Elk Ladies Mardi Gras Fashion Show fundraiser. Just ask her for her help and she jumps in with both feet running. Thank you Brenda for all that you do. We appreciate you.

April 2014
Hal Mattson, PER
For April 2014, we have a member who has been active in the lodge for more than 23 years. He is Past Exalted Ruler of our lodge and has held a chair position for publicity for the last several years. He has been responsible for hundreds of our lodge articles being published locally and nationally and is always at the forefront of our activities both inside and outside of the lodge. He was Americanism Chair for multiple years, works Bingo and Bingo Marathons, was on the committee for essays, dictionaries, scholarships, and the special needs kid’s events. Over the past years, he has worked many of our functions outside the lodge in the local community including the yearly Mission Viejo city celebration. He also spent several days helping a local resident with needed repairs to their home to make the home livable for a mother and daughter with cancer. Our April 2014 Elk of the Month is Hal Mattson, PER. Please congratulate him when you see him in the lodge. Way to go Hal!

March 2014
Rosemarie & Paul Miller
Rosemarie and Paul Miller are fairly new members, they are married and have committed to volunteer their time at our lodge as a couple, as such, it’s difficult to separate them in recognizing their contributions to our lodge. Both volunteer every Wednesday on Bingo nights, either on the floor or in the kitchen and also volunteer every Friday Night Dinner crew and on Breakfast Sunday. They like to help decorate the lodge for our events. Rosemarie is also a member of the MV Elks Ladies Club, where she is very active in their Standing Committee. Rosemarie and Paul Miller got very involved shortly after becoming members and they haven’t stopped, they have an upbeat attitude and volunteer whenever they are needed. Their commitment in contributing to our lodge activities is greatly appreciated. So, when you see them around the lodge please thank them and congratulate them for their dedication to our lodge.

February 2014
Lorene Tierney
Lorene Tierney is an 11 -year member and a third generation Elk, that started volunteering before she became a member, her blood is Elk Purple, over the years she has served our lodge in many positions: she was on the Sunday Breakfast crew and the Friday Night Rib crew for over 7 years, and was our very capable lodge Secretary last year. She has bought tickets for every  lodge  or Elks  ladies' event since joining  the  lodge, whether  she attended it or not; just to support the Lodge. Lorene spends hundreds  of dollars every year donating to the Cancer Kids Fundraiser, and usually donates many of the baskets she wins the bid on, so they can be auctioned off again, this is a function that is very personal and dear to her heart. She has initiated several fundraising efforts to help individual lodge members in need, she has put some of our senior members on her family plan so he/she will have a cell phone for emergencies, and she tries to see  that  some  of  the other senior members have  food  to take  with  them. She helps any member that asks  for  help, whether  lodge  related  or  not; she is always volunteering when  needed, whether  in the kitchen or serving dinners at short notice; we can always count on her. Please congratulate Lorene for her  untiring efforts.

January 2014
Gloria R. LaCouvre
This month we honor a Past Exalted Ruler of our lodge and a lady who is one of the most active members we have. Gloria LeCouvre has been an Elk for 15 years and during that time has held multiple officer positions including Exalter Ruler for the 2011-2012 year. Gloria has been our Drug Awareness chairperson for many years and is a very familiar face inside and outside the lodge. Her commitment to promoting Elkdom through community activities is quite an achievement and needs to be recognized. Gloria is also well known for her Mystery Bus Trips that take our members to other lodges to spread the camaraderie we share within our lodge to other lodges in the area. When there is an event at our lodge, there is a very good chance you will find Gloria there helping as­ sure that it is a success. Congratulate her when you see her, she deserves it.