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July 25, 2017

Mission Viejo, Saddleback Valley Elks initiation of thirteen (13) new members at a recent Lodge meeting put the membership of the nationally acclaimed Lodge over twelve hundred. Lodge President Mike Long addressed the new members saying, “We are honored to welcome you and acknowledge you as the class that makes us one of the most successful and fastest growing Lodges in California.” Long went on to say, “We hope you will become an active and productive member joining us in our charitable work within the community.” The new members from Mission Viejo are Donald Stocker, Joe Stout, and John Hilton. Also becoming Elks are Lake forest residents Steve Stadnick, and John Jenkinson. Laguna Woods initiates are Iris Lewis, Nadine World, Beverly Clark, and Ann Davis. Other new members are Theresa Taylor of Rancho Santa Margarita, Jim Garcia, and Patti Carlson of Laguna Niguel, and Robert Snider or Irvine. The new members related their stories of being from all backgrounds and walks of life, from young full time workers and parents to men and women who are recent retiries. All acknowledged their desire to give back to the community as much as their time allowed, and felt that the Elks organization was the best way to accomplish that objective.

New Members June 2017

New Members May 2017

New Members April 2017

New Members March 2017

New Members February 2017

New Members January 2017

New Members November 2016

Seated L to R: Jane Parmenter, Stephanie Flynn, Exalted Ruler Dave McLeod, Jeanne Atkinson, Sharon DeCampo, and Jon Cox
Standing L to R: Lisa Ji, Jeanne O’Reilly, Denise Campbell, Keith Byers, Gary Schaul, Bobby Ameen, Brian McCarville, Heath Morton, Gary Liebmann, Terry Smith, Matthew McKenzie, Benjamin Williams, Michael Kennedy, Peggy Popadak, Christopher Perez, Celeste Keyser, and Chadwick Sivcovich.

Pictured seated L to R: Mary Salmon, Martha Prespentt, Cindy Ramus, Elks ER Dave McLeod, Susan Lee, Elizabeth Benz, and Steve Vlahos. Standing L to R: Francis McCleary, James Clem, Mark Nix, Pete Calzada, Alfred Roberts, Charles Belville, Glen Culver, Jason Nash, Kevin Langley, and David McCoy

January 2016
 (seated L to R) John Lee, Margarita Heer, Eleanore Schuyler, ER Camacho Alvarez, Kathleen Brewer, Jeanne Johnson, David Fox, William Ring. (standing L to R) Allan Hodgert, Paul Leaverton, Cory Vigil, James Cooper, David Peak, Michael Black, Ron Eger, Ron Wells, Daniel Rojas, Phillip Pinneaux

October 2015

Initiates seated L to R: David Suscavage, Franklin Gibson, Hilda Hanna, Lodge President Camacho Alvarez, Harvey Leong, Larry Smith, and James Amann. Standing L to R: John Sahn, Steve Cruz, Hector Cruz, Richard Morse, John Martin, and Michael Shanton

September 2015

The Mission Viejo, Saddleback Valley Elks welcomed eight new members in September. The new Elks are: Steven Miller, Charles Briggs, Ronald Kennedy, and Mark Livingston of Mission Viejo, Donald Chilla of Rancho Santa Margarita, Stephen Miller of Dana Point, James Weyer of Aliso Viejo, and Richard Hagan of Laguna Niguel. The Eight new members were initiated in a ceremony conducted by Elks Lodge President Camacho Alvarez and his corps of officers. 

August 2015
Standing Left to right
Michael Berry, Jeff Stevenson, Michael Henry, Peter Recchia, Richard Wood
Sitting Left to Right
Christopher Greene, Betty Baumgardner, ER Camacho Alvarez, Evonne Tramel, Karie Foster

June 2015
Seated L to R: Fred Linton, Kristen Eid, Rhonda Riola, Denise Claycomb, ER Camacho Alvarez, Vicki Cox, Amber Brito, and Don Baker. Standing L to R: Ann Marie Johnson, Sarrah Prinzivalli, Charles Buffaloe, Richard Capotosta, Carl Zubris, John Dunne, Jerry Hick, and Craig Burke.

Sitting L to R: James Talay, Kory Klinger, Cheryl Robinson Lodge President Camacho Alvarez, Jayro Guillen, James Mahfood, and Brittney Carter.
Standing L to R: Terry Ake, John Warren, Brooke Carter, Bill O’Reilly, Gary Arnold, and Mike Zaic

New members seated L to R: Judy Klinger, Jo Ann Snyder, Nancy Sutorius, Exalted Ruler Camacho Alvarez, Helyn Moulton, Dawna Olsen and Satyrah Johnson.
Standing L to R: Steve Tubbs, James Verbeerst, James Castro, Justin Gable, Larry Harding, Sal Ruiz, Harry Watson, Dave Fulbright, Tom Ecker, Steve Short and Dan Stephens.

Seated L to R: Judith Ferazzi, Stephanie Olson, ER Camacho Alvarez, and Denise Kroll

Standing L to R: Michael Post, Donald Forsyth, Munni Krishnan, Howard Letzkus, John Autry, Ray Vanderpool, and Rodney Wilbert.

(seated left to right) Gabrielle Unzuela, Jennifer James, ER Derek Randles, Kelly Sanders, Arnold Christensen. (standing left to right) Paul Redman, Bradley Eves, Mike Oftedahl and Mark Elliot.

Seated L to R: Jo Ann Reilly, Colleen Bass, Jeannie Ultimo, Acting Lodge President Camacho Alvarez, Jill Coodell, Patricia Petric, ChrisAnn Kelly Timit Dwivedy. Standing L to R: Steven Piccinati, Luis Sarantis, Gary Gibb, Michael Young, Jacques Manicet, William McInerney, Ron Stoffel, Chris Hayward, Eric Poe, Mark Castellanos, Richard Belair, Christopher Carlson, Kim Emond, Noah Willikson, Darren Kenney, Bruce Stevens, Jim Romandy.

November 2014
Seated L to R: Ginger Breiner, Paula Pangle, Kacey Igarashi, Lodge President Derek Randles, Mary Kovash, Angela Hamel, and Jessica Jensen
Standing L to R: Martyn Mayhead, Rick Meumann, Chuck Steinhaus, James Goyne, Robert Herrmann, Glen Meredith, Svsn Akesson, Clay Currie, Ronald Goodbrand, Garreth Brown, James Kovash, Toby Sanford, Earl Pattschull, James Maloney, Gary Stewart, Gary Vaughn, and Michael Stefanik.

October 2014
(seated L to R) Brian Sheehan, Julie Holmes, Janet Griffin, Diane Carter, ER Derek Randles, Pam Erickson, Lenee Miller, Steve Coffey. (standing L to R) Jeff Connelly, Tod Lepper, Joseph Jordan, Richard Lambert, James Carter, Joe Gonsalves, Stephen Merrill, David O’Sullivan, Mark Shelton, Russell Smith, Paul Halel, Luke Brady, David Tucker, Russ Loftin, David Hart, Michael Howard.

September 2014
Seated L to R: Lonnie Howerton, Mark Morris, Sheryl Pierce, ER Randles, Janet Hunt, Gail Fassi, and John Bassler.
Standing L to R: Barry Carlton, Ted Lucas, James Wallace, Steven Cagnacci, Julian Anaya, Blake Badreaun, and Chris Badraum.

August 2014
New Elks members seated L to R: Dana Davidson, Davest Adams, Exalted Ruler Derek Randles, and Marie Treibel. Standing L to R: Matthew Graham, Scott Allen, Gary Brice, and Gregory DeWitt.

July 2014
Seated L to R: Beverly Richmond, Mercedes Muros, ER Derek Randles, Barbara Kish, Janyce Girard, and James Asch.
Standing L to R: David Perry, Tim Carlson, Trevor Bills, Eric Busby, Gary Everson, and Dennis Andrews. 

June 2014
Seated L to R: Michael Cohen, Chris Spicer, Lodge President Derek Randles, John Fleri, and
Robert Lank.  Standing L to R: Kevin Tobey, and Greg Oppedisano.

May 2014
Seated L to R: Casey Jaso, Ken Irwin, Tonya Katz, Lodge Exalted Ruler Derek Randles, Sandy Gruzdes, Pat Bower and Gael Clark.
Standing L to R: Ray Haughton, Herman Villalobos, Vern Menzel, Brian Donohoe, Larry Shpek, Bob Anderson and Mike Klinger.

April 2014
Seated L to R: David Harwood, Linda Cimmarusti, Exalted Ruler Derek Randles, Mary Jean Ginter and Thomas King.
Standing L to R: Robert Alexander, Robert Verdugo and Michael Porzi.

February 2014
Seated L to R: Lyn Ortiz, Exalted Ruler Derek Randles and Janell Robinson.
Standing L to R: Scott Biscoff, Christopher Dirrica, Eric Small and James Ray Ryler.

January 2014
Seated L to R: Heather Webster, JoEllen Goforth, Cindy Lindee, Exalted Ruler Jason Spence, Judith Deshales, Yvonne Church and Noreen Young. 
Standing L to R: Bill Eveland, David Goforth, Rick Tomkins, Gregory Raths, Michael Lord, Fred Pelosi and Luigi LaValle.

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