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Early Bird Bingo 6:00pm
Regular Bingo 6:30pm
$20 = 15 games of 6 cards each
$250 Payout per Game!

Come in and work the kitchen for BINGO - have some fun and meet the teams. Contact Pam Mackay 949-859-6426. We can use YOUR help!

Congratulations to our
Elk of the Month
for February 2018

Alan Harkness


Congratulations go to our 2016
Award Winners :

Elk of the Year
Stephanie Bongartz

Citizen of the Year
Laura Lumley

Officer of the Year
Mike Long

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Past Exalted Rulers

Don Robinson+ 

1970-71           Robert Elert  1992-93 
Jack Devereaux  1971-72    Norm Jones, PDDGER  1993-94 
Walt Casella*  1972-73    Thomas Schreck  1994-95 
John McDowell+  1973-74    Jim Girton  1995-96 
Del Kennedy+  1974-75    Glenn Blanton  1996-97 
Walt Reese+  1975-76    Jim Humphrey  1997-98 
Norm Murray*  1976-77    Harvey Spencer*  1998-99 
Porter Clark*  1977-78    Dennis Keffer  1999-00 
Pedro Urdiales Jr.  1978-79    Richard Williams  2000-01 
Cliff Robertson Jr.*  1979-80    William James  2001-02 
Norm Snyder*  1980-81    Charles Hart  2002-03 
Ken Conkey+  1981-82    Robert Lionetti* 2003-04 
Dick Wetherell*  1982-83    Merrill Roragen+  2004-05 
Jack Crane*  1983-84    Harvey Boelts  2005-06 
John Shannon  1984-85    Irene Romero  2006-07 
Al Wakinekona*  1985-86    Hal Mattson  2007-08 
Stan Beyer+  1986-87    Michael Holohan  2008-09 
Bob Lentz*  1987-88    Jim Humphrey  2009-10 
John Stanley  1988-89    Pat Martino  2010-11 
Oliver (Newt) Seal  1989-90    Gloria LeCouvre  2011-12 
Don Beal  1990-91    Harvey Boelts  2012-13 
Joe Urban, PDDGER*  1991-92    Jason Spence 


      Derek Randles 2014-15
      Camacho Alvarez 2015-16
      Dave McLeod 2016-17
By Affiliation:  Jack Fifer
Robert "Bobby" Lionetti  (PDDGER)
Robert Rusie*
* Deceased
+ Transferred to another lodge