July Elk of the Month


Congratulations to Debbie Lamb, July’s Elk of the Month! Debbie is an outstanding Elk who steps up time and time again to help our lodge in important ways. Proposed by Richard Holmes, Debbie was initiated into Elkdom in March 2012. Debbie was born in Everett, WA and enjoys travelling and helping out in many areas of our lodge. Some of Debbie’s interests include: community affairs, decorations, and being a greeter. In addition to those interests, Debbie volunteers every Wednesday night at Bingo! She also finds time in her busy day to manage lodge rentals for special events, including: weddings, receptions, dances and others. Debbie is instrumental in getting the Red Cross to host the Blood Drives three times a year in our lodge. As you can see, Debbie is extremely dedicated and committed to volunteering in many areas within our lodge and we are extremely grateful. Congratulations Debbie, and thank you for all you do!